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Who I am

I am a semi retired engineering & project management professional. 

My responsibilities have variously covered the development of projects from feasibility study to commercially operational power plants. If you would like to know more, look at my LinkedIn page.

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This site is currently under construction

We are also on Facebook and on LinkedIn too.

What is the purpose of this site?


I would like to bring together people in Lao working on the many hydropower projects together in one place where they can talk to each other, and share experiences, with a primary goal to help the younger people learn from those with many years of experience.

How can we do that together?

To begin, we will have forums where people can ask questions, and / or respond to them. To participate in the forums users must first register, no cost, just e-mail address and user name. Users can use whatever name / handle they like, but I would hope that as we are all professionals, we act in a professional way.

As well as the forums, there will be a file area where experienced members can, if they so wish, upload article and files which may be useful to others, e.g. templates, spreadsheets etc. 

As this site gathers more users, it will change, based on feedback telling us what you would like to see. At this time there is no cost to users, nor any plan to charge users. However, if users really express desires for things which are not within my personal budget there will have to be a discussion here about the way forwards from there.

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